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What is Aditus?

ADITUS is strategic and technology platform that connects everyone who is directly or indirectly connected to the educational system. It is introduced by the Aarohiinfo FI Management Limited based on excellent feedback from Industries & Educational Institutions, with an intention to create huge amount of value for the education industry in terms of knowledge, practical industry exposure, and employment opportunities.


India’s First-Ever Technology Ecosystem for the Education with Pre-Placement Offer.

Key Features

The evaluation system is such that it will result in overall progress of students. Monthly evaluation done by AI and industry experts will be updated in student profiles time to time. Employers will be given access to the student development section where they can update the performance of students during their deputation. This access shall further help employers in the Selection Process.


Competency Mapping

Through WAV assessment i.e. Written, Audio and Video and map the input to be given virtually to reach at PPO


Pre Placement Offer

PPO assure the placement and direct student for objective to be achieved


100% Placement Assurance

Reap More than what You Sow,

Become a Multiplier of own efforts and Investments in Education


Monthly Evaluation

A monthly WAV evaluation by AI technology to have directive delivery of classroom content to ensure progress of students.



Deputing student to perform on the same profile and industry offered in PPO.


Head Hunting & Bidding System

one of our unique process where all companies will bid for students to recruit them.

Our Process

Our Process
Written, Audio and Video Assessment and competency analysis to reach on prediction of student’s future growth
Our Process
Generation of Pre-placement offer to ensure the placement and direct him to retrieve objectives information.
Our Process
Monthly WAV evaluations, profiling of student’s growth.
Our Process
Artificial Intelligence to generate performance chart of student progress and journey
Our Process
E- Profiling
AI Generated profiling, right from Assessment Center to placement
Our Process
Head Hunting & Bidding
Interacting and sharing profile, progress chart of student to national industry with a click.

Placement Companies