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About Us

What is Aditus?

ADITUS is equipped with

  • Associates with Institute & Universities
  • Own Banks & NBFCs
  • Uniquely designed, Customized & Competent UG & PG Courses
  • National & International Connect for Placement
  • Industry Oriented customised courses for Graduates & Undergraduates
  • Pre Placement Offers even Before joining the courses
  • 100% Return on Investment

ADITUS is strategic and technology Platform that connects everyone who is directly orindirectly connected to the educational system. It is introduced bythe Aarohiinfo FI Management Limited based on excellent feedbackfrom Industries & Educational Institutions, with an intention to createa huge amount of value for the education industry in terms ofknowledge, practical/ industry exposure, and employmentopportunities.

ADITUS Ecosystem is instituted for colleges and institutes for their graduate and undergraduate students to reinforce their career objectives and opportunities by providing rigorous industry-relevant programs designed and delivered in collaboration with distinguished faculty and industry. Aditus is Merging the latest technology, higher education, and professional courses & services.



To Facilitate the digital ecosystem that serves the needs of Modern Education and transforms the lives with advanced Education and Technology.


We are set to provide opportunities to develop & promote professional journeys through strongly mechanized, skill sets that offer personalized support, developed in collaboration with best in class corporate assets, AI and industry professionals.

Our Core Values & Cultural Pillars

LEAD - the Future of Rising Professionals

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The Aditus Strategic Mentorship Programme

The Aditus Strategic Mentorship Programme Has Been Developed To Serve As A Framework And Roadmap To Achieve Our Mission Of Providing “Industry Driven Skill Development & Deployment”.

The Major Focus is to promote, develop and deliver content for specific sectors to ensure rich learning along with the regular learning objectives and develop High Performance Cadre of Leaders passing out of the Learning Arenas with our programme.

ADITUS offers placement program to UndergraduateG & Post-Graduates to all streams and respective industry.

MIMS is our research and development institute that helps us to develop process, technology & provide customized solutions to colleges for their admission and placement for betterment of the traditional education system.


Our Team

ADITUS is a team of extreme achievers who come from various backgrounds such as Defence , Education and Research , Fin-Tech , Banking & Services. The expertise of our Leaders brings Discipline, Dedication & Development in the system to convert our vision in mission and our innovation in movement.

Here , we are set to change the dimensions of the conventional education system and mold it in a way which shall benefit each student of all economic classes to be a part of world class quality education , employment and entrepreneurship.

Aditus Team