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Postgraduate Course

Banking and Finance Management

This course intends to develop the basic awareness of management functions and various dimensions of organizational life. It also attempts to provide exposure of the ethical dilemma in management practices

Post-Pandemic Microfinance Industry shall play a vital role in our lives to reach up to economically underprivileged citizens of India. This course will create awareness amongst students about scope and operations of Microfinance Industry. Post Pandemic Microfinance market in India is expected to grow rapidly, supported by the government of India's initiatives to achieve greater financial inclusion, and growth in the country's unorganized but priority sector.

Outline of Course

  • Concept of Management
  • Evolution of Management Thought Organisation Structure
  • Decision-Making
  • Management Process
  • Organisation Management
  • Communication
  • Controlling
  • Values in Management

Eligibility Criteria

Any Graduate
Shall take and clear ADITUS Entrance
Shall follow Eligibility Criteria of respective certifying College, University, Institute as prescribed

Courses provided by authorise bodies*

Subjects will be revised , added and modified every semester as per requirements from Industry*


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